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The Lucky Penny Sisters

Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny is an acoustic rock-n-roll duo
starring sisters Caitie Thompson
and Leslie Alexander.
Caitie & Leslie feature a great rock sound
while belting out covers from the
Sixties to today's Top 40.
Their passion for performing good music
and sweet harmonies is legendary.
Lucky Penny doesn't just play great music.
They put on a great show!

Hello! (Teaser Alert)

Next Show

Roop Brother's Bar
Wednesday Jan 28th 9-12am

Solar Saloon

Thursday Jan 29th  7pm-10pm
Come out, dance, and be merry... you can still get to bed at a decent hour!

The Barn in Zanesville
Friday January 30th 2015

You lookin' for trouble punks??? IT'S HERE!!!!!!


"The Buzz"

"The Lucky Penny Sisters always pack the barn in Fulton! 
To be in the "Boondocks" these two ladies pull the customers from the woods!!! 
Our customers look forward to having them back!
The way they involve the crowd
and the feel good music these ladies play
made me book them year around right away!!!
I know when these two come to perform,
we have to stock up on food, booze & staff.

Brandie Castle McDaniel - Owner of Boondocks Bar & Grill, Fulton, Ohio

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